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How to Open Blocked Sites in Saudi Arabia 2013

Have you been to the birthplace of Islam? Saudi Arabia possesses the second biggest depot of oil in the world. Ninety-five percent of its export is oil. The Saudi Arabian government is unusually strict and rules as monarchy. This absolute monarchy is still in place until this very same day. One of the effects of this type of government is control of the Internet. Blocking of websites by Saudi authorities can be frustrating and depressing. Whether you're a tourist or someone who lives in “the Land of the Two Holy Mosques”, this can drastically limit your Internet surfing capabilities.

Do you want to know how to unblock sites in Saudi Arabia?

Unblocking sites in Saudi Arabia is possible and easy at the same time. The main culprit when it comes to being blocked is your Internet Protocol (IP) address. It gives up your location initially by country. That alone is enough for you to be blocked. Change will always be an integral part of technology. There are two popular ways by which you can outsmart this obstacle. Both methods are widely available, but are unequal in effectiveness.

The first one is through a proxy server. A proxy server assigns a new IP address to your computer so you can freely surf blocked sites. The websites wherein you're blocked will see the IP address of your proxy server instead of yours. In this way, you surf anonymously with a little added security. Unfortunately, this has a downside. The proxy servers are able to save data which can be used by the service provider. Trust will forever be a significant issue.

Dubbed as the most secure way to surf the Internet, virtual private networks (VPN) are fast becoming the number one choice of Internet users. Tunneling technology encrypts your precious data so nobody will be able to understand it. Decryption awaits the other end with you transferring data safely. A hacker or anyone trying to capture these valuable pieces of information is denied access because only you hold the required authentication. And more importantly, your IP address remains truly hidden during the entire process. A genuinely hidden IP address allows you to gain access to blocked websites in Saudi Arabia. When you acquire the services of a reliable KSA VPN service provider, you can use the technology anywhere around the globe. Censorship changes will continue to happen. Stay protected and uninterrupted, use virtual private networks.

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